Fuck Yeah Laura Grace!

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Biggest babe - Laura Jane Grace for World Pride Toronto <3


Vote LAURA JANE GRACE in the Out100 Reader’s Choice Awards
Okay, but who's that?
Laura Jane Grace is the frontwoman of an American punk rock band, Against Me!. (official site) She started the band in 1997 and has since gained popularity in the punk rock community.
Why is she in the Out100, a list for LGBTQ people? Well, in 2012 she came out as a trans woman. Moreover, she identifies as genderqueer. She likes girls. She is also badass, but i’m not sure if that’s a queer thing.
She’s now made a series showing various perspectives on gender told by trans people, called True Trans.
Why vote for a cis, transphobic gay man if you could vote for a gorgeous, talented trans woman who represents a big part of the community?
Give me more reasons to vote?
All reasons will come to you if you listen to Against Me!’s music [listen to the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues here and buy it when you can] and read her twitter. Just a small amount out of the awesome things she did:
responded to people asking for advice and gave support (1 2 3 4)
this article
adds people who can’t afford it / can’t manage to get a ticket to guest lists for the shows ALL THE TIME
burned a transphobe really damn hard this time
and if THATS not enough, you just come and see me and ask and i’ll give you more reasons. Laura is a life savior and one of the best possible people to admire. So, vote for her while you can. And reblog this to spread the word.


Laura Jane Grace w/ her daughter at home - © brian sorg