Fuck Yeah Laura Grace!

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Laura Jane Grace will be the fiercest bandleader you could imagine.

I haven’t gotten out and picked it up myself yet.

low quality pic of the Rolling Stone issue hitting the stands this Friday. I’ll get some real scans in after I buy it, but here’s a teaser for now ;)

TW: rape. A note regarding the rape allegations making their way around the tags:

As of right now, nobody has stood up and claimed to have been raped by Laura Grace.

These kind of accusations are commonly used as weapons of oppression against trans*people, especially trans*women. I have been scouring the internet looking for any kind of indication that these might have a grain of truth to them, and have found literally no mention of these incidents before the hearsay post that appeared today, which I’ll quote:

Laura Gabel is a rapist.

I’ve got nothing but “rumors” because the women that Laura Gabel raped figured out very, very quickly that the social consequences of saying you were raped by some big time punk rock anarchist celebrity weren’t something they wanted to have to deal with.

[…] I don’t want to say anything in detail because I don’t know. But if any ladies were around ~back in the day~ and heard the same rumors I heard, just send me a message.

Please take notice that there is literally NO EVIDENCE to support these claims, no specific details of the incidents, no real claims by supposed victims or friends and family of victims.

Were these posts being created by someone actually claiming to have gone through, or known someone who went through, these horrible experiences, I would of course be siding with the victims of these attacks. However, since this is NOT the case, and given the circumstances surrounding the sudden appearance of these rumors, I will be treating them as propoganda and anti-trans* tools of oppression.

I ask that you strongly consider doing the same. Thank you.

- Erika